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National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) re-elected President Alfred Foloko has called upon sports federations and association leaders to work together to inspire athletes and young leaders to aspire for excellence in their performances.

In his letter addressed to NOCZ elections Presidential candidate and Zambia Athletics (ZA) President Elias Mpondela, Foloko expressed gratitude to the ZA President for showing leadership and a heart for sports development during and after the election.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko speaking during the Elective AGM

Mr. Foloko said he is cognizant of how committed Zambia Athletics and other sports federations and associations are to the development of sports in the country and that he will ensure to work with everyone.

" The great innovative ideas you shared and many others should continue coming through for we promise to continue our transformational leadership which is all-inclusive," he said.

He reaffirmed that through his leadership, NOCZ will continue to be inclusive towards athlete's development, promotion of gender equality, and inspire a new culture of excellence at all levels of sports performance.

NOCZ Presidential Candidate Elias Mpondela speaking during the Elective AGM

Mr. Foloko was responding to Mr. Mpondela's congratulatory message to him after delivering a resounding victory as NOCZ President for another 4 years.

In his message, Mr. Mpondela stated that there is no winner or loser but that NOCZ won through Foloko and that the victory was for all.

He said nothing should stop people from cooperating and contributing to the better performance of NOCZ and to sports development in Zambia.

On Saturday last week, the NOCZ held its quadrennial election during its Annual General Meeting at Government Complex that saw Alfred Foloko emerge victor as President with Hazel Kennedy returning as his Vice President.

Others that were re-elected back were Boniface Kambikambi as Secretary-General and Victor Banda who went unopposed as Treasurer.

Susanna Dakik, Rodrick Ndlovu, and Mutale Masala went unopposed as committee members.

From Left to Right: New NOCZ Board Members, Rodrick Ndlovu, Susanna Dakik and Mutale Masala at during the Elective AGM

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Enock Mulenga
Enock Mulenga
Jan 18, 2022

My heartfelt congratulation to the re-elected Executive and wishing you all a successful next 4 years.

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