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ANOCA GENDER EQUALITY FORUM: A tour through a 19 year old girl’s mind.

The 2nd Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) Gender Equality Forum was held in Cape Verde by a team of dedicated individuals to promote fairness to young women in sport within Africa from 02–03 October 2023.

Though I was not physically present throughout the forum, I experienced it vicariously through my aunt, Susanna Dakik’s, stories and pictures. As a female who strongly believes in the gender equity movement, I felt a lot of pride in knowing that the country I’m living in, and especially a member of my family, is partaking in such a vital organisation that is bound to make the experiences of female youths more adequate.

Through my curiosity and intrigue, I dove into the world of research and came across a generous representation of diverse women all over Africa, supporting one another in improving the world for young females.

“We aim to accomplish putting an end to gender-based violence and creating a safe environment for young women in sport, both in and out of the field,” said Susanna.

As a young female myself, seeing both women and men work together felt extremely touching as we are shown that there’s a hand reaching out to pick us up wherever we needed it. In addition to that, it is teaching young men what the better world requires of them.

It is an inspiration to me and other females to perceive what is becoming of this continent, and I personally can say that when I look into the future I see a better tomorrow. Africa, to me, looks like it’s a pending success. I want to see a world where not only can women feel safe and cared for in the world of sports but in all aspects of life.

Looking at the pictures of the forum, my eyes immediately drifted to the use of the colour orange. Orange, as I have learned, is used to represent determination and optimism, which gives me the implication that there is great confidence in what the team is striving to achieve.

The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) is surely filling all Zambian women with contentment and admiration by targeting and eliminating a part of the struggle they endure.

These young African girls will learn a lot from this example set for them, shaping them into the future leaders that they will turn out to be.

By writing this piece, I recognise a positive message being vocalised about how serious female inclusion is on the agenda, going further than just sports; trusting a young woman’s perspective and opinions on radical improvement.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the team for everything they are doing to make women feel more secure and hopeful when putting on their kits and getting ready to go onto the field. We place our trust in your hands, certain that we won’t be disappointed.

- Rana Abdallah Dakik


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