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The collective role in delivering a common goal

Christine Phiri. Picture: NOCZ Media

The Commonwealth was founded on the 11th December 1931 by the parliament of the United Kingdom. The founders and headquarters are in The United Kingdom (London).

Following the theme, “Delivering a common future” Connecting, Innovating, Transforming, it is important as we mark Commonwealth Day to remind ourselves of the core principles and values espoused by the Commonwealth, an organization which we joined on the day of independence.

The Commonwealth has stood the test of time for 70 years, embracing diversity, tolerance and constantly adapting to meet current and future challenges. This diverse family of nations is a shining example of how much can be achieved when the collective strength of its members is harnessed for the common good.

This year’s theme, “Delivering a common future; Connecting, Innovating, Transforming”, reminds all the rallies, the government and people of all fifty-four member states individually and collectively to play a more active role in tackling the pressing challenges of our time. Connecting can only be achieved through working together and sharing of expertise, giving space for innovations which lead to positively transformed societies.

Delivering a common future can be achieved by meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.

History is quite instructive, wherever people of different cultures and a common objective connect, there is a confluence of ideas that inevitably lead to innovation and transformation. They are able to build a richer and a more enduring culture and develop trust as well as respect for one another. As Commonwealth Day is celebrated this year, it is crucial that we understand the need to provide a platform for our people to connect, so as to create a better future. Once a deep and powerful connection is created among nations, they become a vital part of each other. To that, racial and political segregation can be curbed from our present and future. In a world of algorithms, hash tags and followers, the true importance of connection must be established, through networks of deep-rooted friendships and goodwill. A powerful connection of people from different states and nations can be achieved.

A powerful connection of people from different states and nations can be achieved.

Innovation does not happen just because one has a disclosure about it. It happens when people are persuaded of the cause that requires civil society, youth, communities, businesses, parliamentarians and diplomats coming together to discuss what values are important and how to uphold them. Innovation lies in the heart of Commonwealth approaches to serving the needs of the people in all our member countries. Ideas brought together from different member states with a personal connection in mutual support and encouragement, drive commonwealth innovation. These factors continue to nurture symbiotic growth and reciprocal enrichment, and emerging leaders dialogues are a superb expression of these processes in action.

On the 31st July 2019, the Commonwealth embraced a digital transformation in its work practices. Innovation was the heart of the Commonwealth, designed initiatives to harness the power of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for a sustainable development helping people to find values, making it easier for different states to work together towards technology advancement. Once knowledge is shared and stored, different states collaborate more effectively on shared goals. When innovation is achieved, it gives birth to new opportunities and reacts to change, faster. A common future is achieved when all states of the commonwealth are linked to one innovative scheme, in that way, a common goal among fifty-four states is delivered.

Transformation in delivering a common future is achieved when there is total peace and harmony. Not neglecting those countries having political struggles with other nations, even those who are facing the challenge of civil wars. There should be proper rules and guidelines that Commonwealth states should follow in order to move at one pace. Economic empowerment and fair trade so that all people, particularly women, young people and those in marginalized communities can share the fruits of progress and prosperity. Through social and democratic development, harmony and peace is built.

Together, we are delivering a common future by connecting, innovating and transforming our communities.







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