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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President Mr. Alfred Foloko has congratulated NOCZ Vice President and Zambia Hockey Association President Ms. Hazel Kennedy for being re-elected as Executive Board Member of the International Hockey Federation (FIH), on Saturday 22 May 2021.

FIH Executive Board Member Hazel Kennedy

Foloko said, “I received the news of Ms. Kennedy’s re-election on the FIH board with great pleasure. On behalf of NOCZ, I send

heartiest congratulations and wishing her a successful tenure.”

“I trust and believe that she will perform to the expectations of the FIH looking at how she has executed her duties while serving on the FIH Executive Board, her re-election was the right call for all FIH members,” He said.

Foloko used the opportunity to encourage and challenge women to take up leadership positions in various sports organizations.

“As NOCZ we are trying our best to have more women in recognized positions and structures, it’s evident from the recently held Women in Sports Leadership Seminar organized by the NOCZ Gender Commission where Women from various sports organizations both local and international convened to discuss issues affecting women in sport leadership positions,” he said.

Foloko added that under his leadership, more women have ascended to leadership positions which is proving to be motivational in the drive to have more women challenge for top sports leadership positions.

Among other developments, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Narinder Batra was re-elected as the International Hockey Federation (FIH) President for a second term.

Danae Andrada Barrios (Uruguay) and Hazel Kennedy (Zambia) were both re-elected to the FIH Executive Board as women's members, while Tayyab Ikram (Macau) and Erik Cornelissen (Netherlands) were re-elected unopposed to the FIH Executive Board as men's members.

The executive will hold office until 2024 as the FIH has reduced the term from four to three years due to the deferment of Congress last year.


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