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I will bring a medal for Zambia - Monica Munga

Zambia‘s only Qualified Paralympic athlete Monica Munga has promised to bring a medal for Zambia at the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

She was speaking to the media after a visit from the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President Alfred Foloko at her family home in Chipata. Foloko’s Visit was centered on seeing how she is handling life during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

"I’m training hard. I go for a road run of about 7 kilometers a day. I want to bring a medal for my country when I go to the Tokyo Olympic games next year. I am very happy that the president took the time to visit me. I can say is I’m very much ready for the competition and I can't wait to go.” Monica said.

When asked if the COVID 19 pandemic has affected her training this is what the athlete had to say.

Monica Munga with NOCZ President Alfred Foloko - Picture by Matthews Ndalula

“Yes, the coronavirus has affected my training because I had a lot to do in terms of training, but looking at the situation now? I think things are slowly coming to normal." Monica Said.

The leader of the Olympic Movement in Zambia Alfred Foloko encouraged the athlete to work harder because she is a national asset and promised that come 2021 the country will be with her every step of the way through her Olympic journey and that the country will cheer her own as she flies the Zambia flag.

In good nature, she was given face masks for her and her family to make sure that they stay protected and reduce the risks of contracting the Coronavirus.

“I am are here to see our friend Monica. As you all know, she has already qualified for the Tokyo Olympic games, so this confirms that the Zambian Olympic family is with you, we want to see you in Tokyo come 2011. We will await the Republican president Mr. Edgar Lungu for further guidelines and then we will have to sit down with the organization and make sure that we prepare you adequately for your Olympic journey. You’ll be representing the nation, so we want to make sure that you and your family are safe and protected during this Covid-19 pandemic. We hope this shows and confirms the love we have for our athletes as the Olympic family and that you understand you are a national asset, without you, we can’t be leaders, so we have to make sure that you are safe wherever you are.” Foloko said.

“This is not the first time we are visiting our athletes, last time I visited the boxers in Lusaka those who participated in games way back in 1970 and 1980s just to appreciate what they have done. Others might say we have forgotten about them, we can't forget those who once raised the Zambian flag, they inspire those who are still in the fight to raise the national flag. Our duty is to appreciate our athletes and provide the leadership that we campaigned for when we were appointed our leadership roles at the National Olympic Committee of Zambia. ” Added Foloko.

Given a chance to speak Monica‘s mother Miriam Phiri has these words to say about her daughter.

“I escort her to the ground when she is training. she tells me to keep the time when she is running and so far she has improved by three seconds from the previous competitions she had in Lusaka because of that i am confident that she will bring a medal and as her mother I will continue encouraging her to work had. Thank you once more to the President of National Olympic Committee of Zambia Mr. Alfred Foloko for the visit and these face masks you have given us.” Said Miriam.

The Tokyo Olympic Games which were supposed to be held this year were pushed to 2021 because of the COVID 19 outbreak that affected the whole world in early 2020.


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