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For the second year running since 2016, the OlympAfrica Iba Mbaye / WADA fellowship program has successfully been hosted at the OlympAfrica Centre in Lusaka.

This year’s edition welcomed 20 pupils from different schools around the Chipata/Mandevu area to participate in the fellowship program organised by the International OlympAfrica Foundation.

Some of the Fellowship participants pose for a picture.

The student participants were drawn from age groups ranging from 12-14 years.

During the 4 day programmme each student was given an equal opportunity to compete in activities such as art drawing, general knowledge on Olympic Values, quizzes, Athletics, and debate on various issues.

Part of the activities included art drawing.

The top 4 overall winners of the activities will walk away with $250 each to support their school finances or purchase of sports equipment.

14-year-old Peter Ackson Nkhoma said he was delighted to have participated in the program as it helped him broaden his knowledge on Olympic Values and be a disciplined Athlete.

For 8th grader, Rosemary Chanda the program was enriching, informative, and exciting as she was able to complete new challenges each day.

Rosemary cited the computer quizzes and clean-up task as her favorite activities.

The Iba Mbaye Fellowship Programme is aimed at developing young people and focuses on Athletics, Olympism as well as education on Olympic values among others.

Fellowship Award winners will be announced in due course.


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