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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) has adopted a new Constitution after a vigorous consultative process that began in 2020 with local and international stakeholders.

The amended constitution was adopted during the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held yesterday Saturday 3rd September 2022 in Lusaka.

Speaking during the EGM, NOCZ President Alfred Foloko appealed to the delegates present to share realistic, truthful, and futuristic contributions on which we can benchmark the Olympic Committee’s operations for future sports leaders.

“In all matters, please let’s be mindful of good governance which must be the cornerstone of our operations,” He added.

Notable amendments in the new constitution are as follows:

Under Article 20 – Executive Board

(i) Composition of the Executive Board:

The Position of Secretary General will no longer be an elective. The Secretary-General will be appointed by the board following the advertisement and interviews to serve as the Chief Executive Officer “CEO”, without the right to vote.

(ii) There will be a 30% representation of different gender on the Board, the gender not desirably represented on the Executive Board after its elections of new EB members

(iii) A member of the Executive Board will only serve a maximum of two successive terms (four years each) in the same position on the NOCZ Executive Board.

Under Article 22 - Eligibility of Election onto the Executive Board

(i) No person shall be eligible for election as a member of the Executive Board if he/she has reached the maximum age limit of 70 years old on the election date.

R-L: NOCZ Vice President Hazel Kennedy, Legal and Ethics Commission Chairperson Dickson Jere and NOCZ President Alfred Foloko during yesterday's EGM

This constitution was unanimously adopted, and it comes into effect immediately.

The NOCZ Supremo Foloko commended the NOCZ Legal and Ethics Commission for leading the constitution review and amendment process in collaboration with the secretariat and thanked the Commission Chairperson Dickson Jere and his team for their part in this process.

Foloko has since described the new constitution as a document that will stand the test of time.

Members of the NOCZ Executive Board in addition to 29 delegates from 17 affiliated National Federations and Associations were present at the EGM.


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