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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) is steadfast in its commitment to enhance the organizational effectiveness of affiliate National Sport Federations. In Phase 2 of the National Federation strategic plan formulation project, NOCZ continues its support for five national sport federations/associations in crafting strategic plans that will guide their future.

From right, Clerence Makungu, Shayumba Nyimba, Mwembe Kaona, Boniface Kambikambi, Wisdom Kaunda and Martin Chewe.
From right, Clerence Makungu, Shayumba Nyimba, Mwembe Kaona, Boniface Kambikambi, Wisdom Kaunda and Martin Chewe.

The Zambia Table Tennis Association (ZTTA) is the latest federation to embark on this transformative journey. NOCZ Secretary General, Boniface Kambikambi, graced the planning workshop encouraging the participants to remain committed to the process.

Mwembe Kaona, facilitating the three-day workshop which took place from 13 to 15 October, 2023 at Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia provided expert guidance fostering discussions, brainstorming, and collaborative efforts aimed at shaping ZTTA's strategic direction.

Mwembe Kaona, Workshop facilitator
Mwembe Kaona, ZTTA Workshop facilitator

The workshop began with intensive discussions and idea-sharing, with participants dedicated to ensuring that the strategic plan aligns with ZTTA's goals and aspirations. On the final day, a select team of five individuals consolidated the draft document, ensuring its precision and clarity.

Kaona, expressed his hope to see the strategic plan put into action. With NOCZ's support and the commitment of ZTTA, the strategic plan will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in realizing the association's ambitions.

ZTTA Vice President, Wisdom Kaunda noted that they were looking forward to having the strategic plan, emphasizing its importance as a requirement by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). He highlighted that the plan would provide a clear direction for achieving goals within a specified timeframe and serve as an evaluation tool after four years.

“The Strategic Plan will give direction on goals to be achieved and how they will be achieved within a stipulated timeframe and it will also act as an evaluation tool at the end of the 4 years and our hope is for the draft to be ready for presentation at the Annual General election,” he said.

The workshop drew participants from various regions, Kalumbila, Chama, Chambishi, Kabwe, and Lusaka. The participants represented a diverse spectrum of roles within the sport, including players, umpires, referees, and administrators which the Vice President commended as bringing the different significant inputs key to formulating an effective strategic plan.

"We had diverse ideas brought together and the best ideas accepted to be in the Strategic Plan, the input by participants was great, " he said.
ZTTA strategic planning workshop participants.
ZTTA strategic planning workshop participants.

The association has extended their gratitude to the NOCZ for the unwavering support and expertise. This workshop serves as a pivotal step towards achieving excellence in the world of table tennis.


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