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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) has taken significant steps to support National Sport Federations by launching phase 2 of the National Federation strategic plan formulation project. This phase of the project aims to support five affiliate national sport federations/associations in strategic plan development in a bid to enhance their organizational effectiveness and overall performance.

Recently, two strategic plan formulation workshops were conducted simultaneously between Friday, 21st July, and Sunday, 22nd July. The Zambia Martial Arts Federation (ZAMAF) workshop was held in Lusaka, while the Zambia Weightlifting Federation (ZWF) workshop took place in Kitwe.

During the ZAMAF workshop, NOCZ Secretary General, Boniface Kambikambi, expressed the committee's commitment to ensuring that all affiliate federations possess strategic plans to guide their growth and development. He praised ZAMAF for taking the initiative to draft their strategic plan and encouraged them to make the most of the workshop as the beginning of their strategic planning process.

ZAMAF Team pictured in Lusaka

ZAMAF, a federation that had not previously formulated a strategic plan, expressed gratitude to NOCZ for organizing and supporting them in this endeavor. Their strategic plan will serve as a roadmap for the next five years, starting from 2024. Without a strategic plan, federations face challenges in organizing, executing, and monitoring activities in a systematic manner, as well as assessing their success.

To ensure the successful completion of phase 2, NOCZ President Alfred Foloko appointed NOCZ Board Member Amon Mutale Masala to monitor the project on behalf of the Board. He is assisted by NOCZ Safe Sport Officer Prudence Nswana.

Speaking during the Zambia Weightlifting Federations workshop in Kitwe, Masala emphasized the importance of developing strategic plans that effectively prioritize the use of resources and guide the direction and growth of the federations, following the Board's instructions.

ZWF Team pictured in Kitwe

These planning workshops bring together a diverse selection of stakeholders from each federation, including members of the executive, coaches, and athletes.

A team of locally trained facilitators with extensive experience in sports and strategic planning facilitation namely Mwape Konsolo, Elina Bwalya, Charles Ziwa, Chabula Mweshi, and Wisdom Hampako have been assigned to facilitate the development of strategic plans for the Zambia Martial Arts Federation, Cycling Association of Zambia, Zambia Hockey Association, Zambia Table Tennis Association and Zambia Weightlifting Association.

Phase 2 of the project is scheduled to conclude by the end of August 2023. During phase 1, NOCZ supported the Zambia Basketball Federation, Triathlon Zambia, Zambia Boxing Federation, Zambia Badminton Association, and the Zambia Rowing and Canoeing Association with the Strategic Plan Development Process, which was coordinated by NOCZ Board Member Rodrick Ndhlovu.

The ultimate goal of these workshops is to assist the federations in drafting strategic plans that act as roadmaps for progression, aiding in decision-making and goal-setting. With strategic plans in place, the various federations will be able to focus their efforts effectively and work collaboratively towards common objectives within their respective sports.


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