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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) has instituted a Board Charter for members of the Board and Senior Management of the Olympic Committee.

The purpose of the Board Charter is to guide the NOCZ Board and its Commissions in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities and accountability in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and best practices.

It will bind Board Members to commit themselves to abide by the principles of good corporate governance. The Charter recognises that although laws exist that prescribe how directors and organisations shall be run, good corporate governance is a commitment to principles that appeal to the individual character that is self-monitored.

NOCZ Board Members with a Team from Axxess Corporate Secretaries Limited led by Victoria C. Silutongwe and Suzyo Ngandu during the Review of the NOCZ Board Charter, Code of Ethics, and the Human Resource Manual

The Board Charter constitutes and forms an integral part of the Terms of Reference of the NOCZ Board.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko has described the charter as an important governance document that all board members will have to understand and formally commit to.

He adds saying that the NOC is putting everything in place to align with the Olympic Committees' version of being a leading NOC globally in Excellence and promotion of Olympism as stipulated in the new strategic plan.

Notable contents of the Charter include ethical Standards, powers of the board, the role of the board, corporate governance and best practices, role & duties of board members, board procedures, and conflict of interest among others.

In addition to the above, there will be performance agreements with members of the board.

The President shall enter into a Performance Agreement with each member, which shall specify the principal common ambitions, expectations, commitments, and understanding between the President and the individual member of the Board in respect of the NOCZ’s performance for the period of the Performance Agreement. The President will advise the Olympic Council on the performance of individual Members annually.

The Board Charter has been developed in collaboration with Axxess Corporate Secretaries Limited.


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