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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) on behalf of the Olympafrica centre in Lusaka has received a donation of various items worth K80, 000 from the Zambia Basketball Federation (ZBF) President and Businessman Shawi Fawaz.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko and Secretary-General Boniface Kambikambi received the items from Mr Fawaz’s representative ZBF General Secretary Rodrick Ndlovu at the Olympafrica Centre during an event attended by parents of OlympAfrica children from around the Community.

Parents to Olympafrica Children receiving the items

Speaking during the donation ceremony, Mr Foloko said that this gesture is aimed at appreciating the parents for their commitment towards making sure their children utilise the Olympafrica Centre to the maximum.

“NOCZ and the Olympafrica Centre is not only limited to sports activities but also helping the community, it is very important to help the parents from communities around the Centre and this is one way of doing that,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Mr Ndlovu said the donation opens interactions with the community.

“One reason for this donation is because of the community represented by the parents of the kids who access the centre and making sure that we contribute to the development of the nation by contributing to the welfare of the children,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu added saying that this is just the beginning of such activities and he guaranteed everyone present that more things are coming.

“Mr Fawaz chose the Olympafrica Centre through NOCZ because of the leadership exhibited by the Alfred Foloko led executive board,” he added.

He further said that Mr Fawaz is confident that NOCZ will ensure that this donation is put to good use citing the well-established interaction channels between NOCZ and the Community.

To close off the donation event, NOCZ Secretary-General Boniface Kambikambi thanked Mr Fawaz for the donation on behalf of NOCZ, Olympafrica Children and their parents.

50 hampers consisting of Chicken, Bottle of Cooking oil, Packet of Sugar, Packet of Beans and Bathing Soap among other items were donated to the parents present in addition to a bag of Mealie Meal each.

250 pairs of shoes, 100 basketballs and 10 Footballs were also donated to Olympafrica.

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Enock Mulenga
Enock Mulenga
Jan 14, 2022

Thank you to the ZBF President and job well done to NOCZ for reaching out to the community. Keep it up NOCZ President Alfred Foloko and your Executive Committee.

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