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Today the National Olympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Association of Zambia hosted its first-ever media engagement forum with its all-weather partners the Media. The Media Engagement forum is a deliberate initiative of the NOCZ whose aim is to provide an understanding of the mandate and operations of the NOCZ as a sports organization. Additionally, the forum served as a channel to clear the misconceptions usually present in the media fraternity about who we are and what we do in so far as Olympic, Commonwealth, and All-African Games are concerned. Representatives from various media houses were given an opportunity to interact with the NOCZ and OYDC Zambia - Sports Development Centre leadership, as well as its secretariat as a way of re-igniting the cordial relationships, shared among the partners. NOCZ President Alfred Foloko took the opportunity to highlight the important role that the media play in shaping the development course of sports in the country. In his usual enthusiasm, Mr. Foloko encouraged the media to take advantage of the forum by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the NOCZ/ CGA operations including it's annual activities.

We hope that from this engagement you as the media will work diligently and objectively by ensuring that citizens can access reliable, quality and independent information especially in regard to sports and the mandate of the NOCZ, he echoed.

With only a few weeks left to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Mr. Foloko also urged the media to be active partners by giving coverage to the athletes in various sports codes that will represent the country at the games next month. He reiterated that the NOCZ will continue to have an open-door policy for consultations and engagements with the media on matters relating to sports. The NOCZ media studio was also launched at the forum and will be used as a medium to support various affiliate federations and enable them to showcase their activities. The Media studio will also serve as a revenue-generating stream for the NOCZ through equipment hired to the media and other stakeholders.


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King Ndhlovu
King Ndhlovu
Jun 04, 2022

Well done 👏

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