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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President Alfred Foloko has disclosed that the Olympic Committee plans to have all General Secretaries from the affiliate 27 National Sports Federations/Associations undertake a Sports Management Course as part of the promise to enhance administrators’ performance.

Foloko disclosed this yesterday while speaking at the close of the three days’ Sports Administrators Course Workshop held at OYDC Zambia – Sport Development Centre in Lusaka from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 February 2022 which attracted 22 administrators from various sport organisations.

“Our mission as the National Olympic Committee is to promote Olympism, embrace Commonwealth Values and support the development of sport through sustainable programmes. Sport administrators’ courses are a perfect example of sustainable programmes that we have adopted over the years and have since trained over 250 administrators in the past quadrennial (2017-2021) in a bid to support the development of sport in the country by building capacity in national sport federations,” he said.

Foloko reiterated that Sport Administration Courses are a vital tool for anyone involved in managing, administering, and organizing sport and sports organizations, be it elected officials, volunteer administrators, or employees.

Wonga Silondwa from the Zambia Amateur Rowing and Canoeing Association (ZARCA) making a Presentation during the Course

“NOCZ recognizes this fact and strives to enhance sport administration and management capacities of our affiliate sport associations,” he said.

He further added that it is very important to recognize the roles of National Course Directors (NCDs), who always ensure that the contents of such courses are well structured to maximize the impact on participants learning.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko awards a certificate to Zambia Boxing Federation President Dan Chiteule (2nd from right).

''Our local NCDs have over the years proved to be a critical feature in the deliverance of these courses from a local perspective. in addition to the current existing team, NOCZ plans to train more NCDs in this new quadrennial,” he added.

In his concluding remarks, Foloko thanked all the participants for making time to be part of this course which proved the federations' commitment to improving their overall performance.

He further thanked the course directors’ team, comprising NOCZ Secretary-General Mr. Boniface Kambikambi, Former Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Art Director of Sport Mrs. Bessie Chelemu, Mr. Mwembe Kaona, and guest facilitators Dr. Titus Fernado and NOCZ Safe Sport Officer Ms. Prudence Nswana for sharing their expertise throughout this course.

Participants were awarded Olympic Solidarity Sport Administration Manuals in addition to their certificates of participation.


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