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Olympian-led Project Awarded Grant

Jonathan Chipalo OLY is among the recipients of the 2020 Service to the Olympians Grants awarded to Olympians and National Olympian Associations by the World Olympians Association for projects aimed at supporting Olympians of the field of play and Communities.

The Project developed by Jonathan Chipalo OLY "Youth and Street Kids Programme" will train Olympians how to lead effective projects that engage refugees and Street Kids in sport.

Chipalo notes that participating in sports is like a positive reset switch to vulnerable and traumatized children who can realize their own personal ability to bring happiness, joy and sportsman/womanship as a community and thus feel the spirit of being an Olympian.

"When l was young and gave my mum, my pocket money to help buy groceries, that small amount carried an appreciation worth more than the value given," He said.

He adds that when we bring the world of sports to communities whose children have seen nothing but war and the hard desperation to survive, sports demands the act of giving and self-sacrifice towards giving that joy, happiness and oneness to all participants which is the greatest gift we all have and that is the Olympic spirit in which in the end we are all winners.

"It is that winning spirit that builds the foundation to continue feeling free and safe in sports which makes the true virtues of an individual start to grow positively to build a better tomorrow," He added.

The Olympian has stated that today sports still remains the faithful ambassador of peace, love, happiness and joy to venerable street kids and traumatized refugee's children to forget their circumstances and feel the warmth of the Olympic torch.

Chipalo further revealed that he is currently identifying other Olympians who are not in the limelight across the Country through the Zambia Olympians Association in a bid to grow the membership of the Olympian Association.

The Zambia Olympians Association has seen membership grow steadily since its inception in 2011.

Jonathan Chipalo OLY heads the Zambia Olympians Association while Samuel Matete OLY is the Patron.

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