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As the clock is ticking and ticking very fast towards Birmingham 2022 or simply put: ticking to the biggest Multi-Sport event in the World outside the Olympic Games, otherwise officially known as the XXII Commonwealth Games.

While the local organizing committee in Birmingham is nearing and steadily opening up a new state of the art sports facilities and positioning itself to welcome home more than 5,000 athletes from 72 Nations and territories to the 2022 Summer Games.

The National Olympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Association of Zambia (CGA Zambia) is thrilled in joining the host city in marking and celebrating the two- years to go count down to the games that will see athletes compete in 20 different sports.

As we look forward as a country and indeed as a region to descend at the expanded 50,000 Alexander Arena with our skillful and talented athletes from our respective countries in Birmingham city in two-years’ time from this month, may I take this opportunity to call upon all sportsmen and women in Zambia and indeed in the southern region to come together to celebrate the two-year countdown to the games under the motto: ARE YOU GAME?

In exactly two-years’ time the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will begin and in living up to the motto: Are you game? There lies a challenge to all our athletes to prove to the world what they are made of and how they will prepare themselves in the 723 days remaining before the spectacular event.

As a country and as a region our campaign for Birmingham 2022 begins now and expected to be intensified in 2021. Therefore I urge all athletes not to sit on their

laurels and blossom at the 11th hour only to fail but instead use this remaining time to tune their bodies and mind to acceptable levels of the demanding event.

Despite the current telling and ravaging coronavirus pandemic period we are going through as a people and the world at large, we can be rest assured that come 2022 the world will be ready to see, watch and experience the best from Zambia and the southern region at the games where everything counts only if we attach all the seriousness in our preparation in the two years remaining to the ceremony.

May the Birmingham 2022 buzz begin as we all remain stronger during these unprecedented times.

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