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Today in the Month of July 2020, we could have been proudly participating in the World’s Greatest Sporting Showpiece in Japan.

But ever since the historical decision to postpone the summer games in Japan took effect due to the global coronavirus pandemic, not all hope is lost especially for our athletes. Therefore, let this crisis help us be transformed into an asset to spotlight our values of solidarity which have always shaped our Olympic existence.

Much as the world has found itself in the dark tunnel of this deadly virus, the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) and other stakeholders have been working tirelessly since then in promoting the Olympic spirit of hope and optimism.

It is against that background I take the honor to invite you join the Olympic family in the one year To Go celebrations ahead of the postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

As we do so, let us today join together to use the power of sports to look ahead with confidence to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 as a moment of solidarity and proof of the resilience of humankind.

Since athletes are among the best role models in our society and given the challenges we have at hand, let me take this opportunity to urge you all ‘athletes’ to continue preparing for these Olympic Games without ceasing until such a time so that once we are over these unprecedented times and the Olympic flame calls you will be able to perform at your level best. Remember too that these games will serve as a great significance in celebrating diversity, inclusion, and above all your own sporting achievement.

With that in mind, take note too that your qualification to the World’s greatest sporting showpiece still remains valid and as an Executive, we shall remain committed to making sure our athletes’ Olympic dream come true now and in the months ahead of us. There is no doubt the Olympic Games will forever remain as a symbol of hope and inspiration for the entire world for many years to come.

As such we urge all stakeholders, beginning with Athletes, Coaches, and African Leaders to draw on their exceptional moral and physical capacities to ensure we go to the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021 with conviction and self-sacrifice as a Continent as a United Country and indeed as committed individuals.

These Games shall act as tangible expressions of our strength and our victory over this terrible pandemic, Covid-19.

For now, as Olympism teaches us, No OBSTACLE, be it HEALTH-RELATED or otherwise can prevent us from touching the Holy-Grail of the Olympic and World Sports Movement, we can only stand strong and determined in seeing to it that:

Together we are stronger, together we shall overcome.

In the meantime, please Stay strong Stay active Stay healthy.

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