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National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) donated more than 400 face masks and hundreds of other materials to the Zambia Voluntary Sports Fans Association-ZAVOSOFA.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko handed over the facial masks to Pastor Peter Makembo the Sports Fans President on 2nd May 2020 in Lusaka.

"As an Olympic movement, we realized that soccer fans are just as important as the field players and both have treasured lives to be protected." Said Foloko.

"Again if you check the current statistics of the ever escalating number of cases which are now worrying, you come to realize that COVID - 19 is real and here to stay, hence it is up to us to raise the bar in terms of fighting the scourge, that means we should not leave behind the people who make sports more entertaining in the cold and that is our Sports fans."

"So as we have been donating to the national teams we thought too about the lives of our fans who make up an important cog to the game by way of donating these facial masks for their protection just like all national team players in all Commonwealth received the same protection." He Said.

In receiving the donation ZAVOSOFA President Pastor Peter Makembo who was lost of words said he never saw that coming.

'We never thought that we could be counted as important as this to such an extent especially if we consider this ravaging pandemic we are in, surely sir, we find your timely gesture very humane.' Said Makembo.

'We are equally grateful in that you appreciate the role we play in giving support to all national teams other than football and what you have done to us is quiet touching and motivating to say the least because we never saw it coming.

I have a legion of fans in this association who give out their all to the last breath supporting our sports men and women at whatever level, so this gesture shown to us will encourage these young fans to feel that they too are counted in our society. Once again we are humbled and we shall live to appreciate this gesture in a long time to come.' Concluded Pastor Makembo.

All sports activities in the country were suspended by the Government early March in a quest to reduce the number of transmission of the virus.


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