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While a lot of us were still learning to colour and draw, Kaamil Ryan-Bham was on the Golf course hitting his first golf balls at the age of 4.

Kaamil Ryan-Bham is a 19-year-old Zambian amateur golfer and a Sports Science & PGA Degree student at the University of Pretoria who wants more to be done in helping athletes gain exposure through local and international competitions.

The young golfer is currently taking part in the East-African Professional Golf Tour in Kenya where he was invited to take part in the Safari Tour which commenced on the 22nd of January 2022.

Kaamil says he hopes to play to the best of his ability to make the cut.

As an upcoming Zambian golfer currently based in South Africa, he says the country should consider organizing more golfing tournaments and a well-defined schedule for athletes in order to lift the standard of the sport in the country.

“As long as we are able to play in more tournaments, the standard of our golf will go up and we need to start getting more of our players in international competition such as the Olympics’’ he laments.

Kaamil in action during a competition in Lusaka recently

Asked about what challenges he faces as an athlete, he cited the lack of sufficient financial support as a major problem confronted by many athletes including himself.

He also noted that the lack of proper clothing for identity as a Zambian athlete when participating in tournaments as a challenge that needs attention in raising the standard of the sport to a higher status.

Kaamil pictured with Team mates during a Tri-nations tournament in 2018

Kaamil has played at a number of Local and International competitions such as the Irish boys, British boys, South African Amateur, and Zambia open.

An ensemble of 74 players drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia and Nigeria are competing in the Golf Tour.


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