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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President, Alfred Foloko, recently engaged in a discussion with Neil Gregory, the Australia-based Development Officer for the Wrestling Association of Zambia (WAZ). The virtual deliberations provided an opportunity for Neil to outline the ongoing initiatives of WAZ aimed at promoting and expanding the sport of wrestling, as well as the potential synergies between WAZ and NOCZ.

Neil elaborated on WAZ's primary focus, which centers around nurturing grassroots participation and fostering the development of wrestling within the country. This encompasses organizing national competitions and diverse training programs tailored for referees, coaches, and sports trainers.

Additionally, Neil emphasized WAZ's collaborative efforts towards a Regional Education plan, which includes the prospect of hosting a regional competition in Zambia. This event would encompass coaching, refereeing, training, and competitive assessments.

Foloko then provided insights into the process of hosting a regional competition within Zambia. He underlined NOCZ's unwavering commitment to supporting WAZ in various capacities, spanning the formulation of an actionable Strategic Plan, coach training, and governance enhancements within the association.

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko during the discussion with Neil Gregory

Furthermore, Neil presented an intriguing opportunity for NOCZ in the lead-up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games—an engagement with the Australian government on the fronts of youth, sport, and health. This multilateral engagement could yield positive outcomes for the NOC and Zambia's sporting landscape.

Expressing gratitude for the shared insights, Foloko concurred that all available opportunities would be systematically explored through relevant government agencies, ultimately benefiting sports in Zambia. He emphasized the conducive political environment, particularly President Hakainde Hichilema's consistent advocacy for leveraging sports as a catalyst for youth development.

It is worth noting that during the 2022 Annual General Meeting held on April 22, 2023, NOCZ officially ratified the membership of the Wrestling Association of Zambia within the Olympic Movement in Zambia making it the 30th Sports Association affiliated to NOCZ.


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