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National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) Secretary-General Boniface Kambikambi has spent the past two days facilitating a Safe Sport Course Workshop to Play It Forward Zambia (PFI) a sports non-governmental organization based in Livingstone.

The course, which began on Thursday 15 October 2020, included sessions on topics such as understanding what safe sport, study statistics, elements of Safe Sport environment, and Barriers to a safe sport environment.

On the second and final day of the workshop, participants that included PiFZ Country Director Sombwa Musunsa, Director of Football Evans Muyunda, Women’s Coach Selina Mashewa, Men’s Coach Serge Mumba, and Programmes Officer Bwalya Lwanga had an opportunity to listen to Research findings on Sexual Harassment and Abuse.

Former NOCZ Executive Director Brenda Chipande who is a member of the Regional Safe Sport Task Group led a discussion on Sexual Harassment and Abuse as she joined the workshop virtually from her base in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Ten participants who are all PiFZ members of staff were awarded certificates of completion after the end of the workshop.

Play It Forward Director of Football Evans Muyunda Receives his certificate after the Workshop

SafeSport is the Olympic community’s initiative to recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport.

The six primary types of misconduct are Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, Emotional Misconduct, Physical Misconduct, and Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse.

The main reason for this initiative is to understand what misconduct is, implement ways to reduce it, and identify plans to respond to it.

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