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The Digital Media Studio Is Open - Transforming Service Delivery for Our Athletes and Stakeholders

The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ)

is announcing today, the opening of its Digital Media Studio as it continues to improve service delivery to its athletes and broader stakeholder community.

The Digital Media Studio consists of two primary components, namely the content development studio and the cloud software component. The media studio includes state-of-the-art audio, photography, and video technologies that will enable the NOC and our Sports Federations, to create in-house content for digital distribution across multiple platforms.

The cloud software component of the solution will enable the National Olympic Committee of Zambia to preserve photo and video assets as a part of its athlete and Olympic legacy programme.

Additional benefits include:

• Aligns with the IOC’s Digital Agenda 2020+5 Guidelines - Recommendation #8 within the IOC’s new Agenda 2020+5 guidelines, encourages NOCs to “use digital technologies as a powerful tool to engage with our audiences and people, delivering digital communications and content that reinforce and promote the Olympic values that are more important and powerful than ever.”

• Athlete Preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games - An aerial drone, included in this solution, enhances capabilities for our coaches, especially in team sports and athletics.

• Enhances Online Education Delivery - The media studio extends our digital reach to stakeholders for online education and awareness. This includes support for our Safe Sport initiatives, athlete education, and broader stakeholder programs.

• New Sponsorship Engagement - The new media unit within the NOC can now create tailored content and programming across various digital platforms open to sponsorship.

Today’s announcement is a recognition that technology and media impact every element of the sports ecosystem. From athlete preparation to marketing and sponsorship to stakeholder engagement, a strong digital footprint is no longer optional for us, it is now a requirement.

The Digital Media Studio reinforces the commitment of the NOCs leadership and Executive Board, to elevating the quality-of-service delivery for our athletes, sponsors, and entire stakeholder community.

Find attached Media Statement:

Press Release NOCZ Media Engagement forum
Download PDF • 227KB


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