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The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) has reached a significant milestone by securing a partnership with the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) for the construction of the NOC House in Lusaka. This collaboration comes after ANOCA approved a generous funding of $100,000 for the NOC House Construction Project. The official signing ceremony took place on the sidelines of the prestigious Hammamet 2023 Africa Beach Games in Tunisia earlier today.

L-R: Mutale Masala, Boniface Kambikambi, Alfred Foloko, ANOCA President Dr. Mustapha Berraf, ANOCA Treasurer General Engr. Habu Gumel and ANOCA official

The agreement between NOCZ and ANOCA stipulates that the National Olympic Committee must provide conclusive proof of land ownership on which the permanent structure, housing the NOC Headquarters, will be erected. Furthermore, the Beneficiary, NOCZ, is responsible for obtaining a building permit from the local authorities, adhering to the model proposed by ANOCA, which will then be subject to approval by the Grantor.

The allocated funding for the NOC House Construction Project is set at a maximum of $100,000, a substantial investment that highlights ANOCA's commitment to supporting the development of NOCs across the continent. The deadline for the execution of the construction works, as defined in the agreement, is set at 18 months from the date of notification of the service order, marking the official commencement of the project.

During the signing ceremony, NOCZ President Alfred Foloko was accompanied by esteemed officials including Vice President Hazel Kennedy, Secretary General Boniface Kambikambi, and Team Zambia's Chef De Mission for the Hammamet 2023 Africa Beach Games, Mutale Masala. Their presence reinforced the significance of this momentous occasion, as they joined ANOCA Officials led by President Dr. Mustafa Berraf in solidifying this collaborative endeavor.

L-R: SG Boniface Kambikambi. Vice President Hazel Kennedy, ANOCA Secretary General Ahmed Abu Elgasim Hashim and NOCZ President Alfred Foloko

Foloko expressed his profound appreciation for this achievement, describing it as a landmark accomplishment for his executive committee. He eagerly anticipates the commencement of the building project, as the NOC House will serve as the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee, further enhancing its capacity to support and nurture Zambia's sports aspirations in the Olympic and Commonwealth Sports Movements.

Adding on to this, Secretary General Kambikambi excitingly stated that the NOC House will stand as a magnificent flagship, igniting progress and serving as a dynamic hub to drive key initiatives within the NOCZ strategy. With its state of the art facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure, it will provide a vibrant space for fostering athlete development, promoting sports excellence, and nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration. This remarkable structure will embody the NOCZ's commitment to advancing sports in Zambia, amplifying its influence and impact within the sporting community and beyond.

This visionary initiative forms an integral part of ANOCA's broader project to establish dedicated headquarters for African National Olympic Committees, reinforcing their commitment to fostering growth and excellence within the continent's sporting landscape.



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