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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The Zambia Youth Baseball5 Team (U18) has successfully qualified to compete in the 2023 World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Youth Baseball5 World Cup taking place in Ankara, Turkey, from 10th to 15th October 2023.

The official notification came in the form of a letter addressed to Zambia Baseball and Softball Association (ZBSA) President Chabi Chondoka from the WBSC Executive Director, Michael Schmidt. According to the letter, each National Federation is responsible for organizing its delegation's international flight and Visitors International Stay Admission (VISA) arrangements to and from Ankara, Turkey.

However, the host country will generously provide the Zambian team with accommodation, meals, and local transportation during the tournament.

The Team celebrating victory during the African Championships earlier this year

To secure their spot in the World Cup, the ZBSA must fulfil certain requirements. A Participation Agreement, along with an invoice for a Guarantee Fee of USD 2,000, will be issued to the ZBSA. It is essential for the federation to pay the Guarantee Fee within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the loss of Zambia's participation spot, and an alternate team will be invited in their place.

In addition to the Guarantee Fee, there is an additional participation fee of USD 1,000 for the 2023 WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup. By accepting the participation invitation, the ZBSA agrees to abide by all the tournament's norms and regulations. It is their responsibility to stay informed about any updates that may be introduced.

This qualification to the Youth Baseball5 World Cup marks a significant milestone for the development of Baseball5 in Zambia, as described by ZBSA General Secretary, Ken Matishi.

He emphasized the importance of various forms of support to turn the dream of success into a reality for the talented boys and girls of Zambia who are part of the Baseball5 team.

The road to qualification was paved with commendable performances by the Zambia U18 Baseball5 Team at the African championships held in Cape Coast, Ghana, from 14th to 23rd May 2023. The team's stellar performance culminated in them winning the bronze medal in the continental showpiece, which also served as the qualifier for the Youth Baseball5 World Cup.

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