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In the heart of Lusaka, Zambia, where dreams often face tough odds, a young talent Mutale Chishimba has grafted his name in Zambia's sport history as one of the first National Teqball team players.

At just 19 years old, born and bred in Chazanga, a township in Lusaka, Mutale is both a Football and Teqball player. He was introduced to Teqball, a ball sport that is played on a curved table, combining football skills and table tennis by his now coach, Richard Mulenga who identified his unique skills and talent for the sport.

Mutale Chishimba, Zambia's Teqball National Team Player
Mutale Chishimba, during the Hammamet 2023 Africa Beach Games

With dedication and a burning desire to succeed, Mutale quickly transitioned from the football field to the Teqball table. He proudly belongs to the Green Buffaloes Club Youth Team and the OYDC Teqball Club. However, it is Teqball that has carved his name into the annals of Zambian sports history and is more focused on it.

"I decided to focus on Teqball for now, it being a new sport, I have developed passion for it and show my talent in it more than football," he said.

Mutale's rise in the Teqball world reached a significant peak when he emerged as the overall winner in the men's singles category, earning the prestigious title of Zambia's first-ever National Teqball player of the tournament during the 2022 National tournament.

Mutale's dream of international competition became a reality when he participated in the Africa Beach Games held in Tunisia earlier this year. This marked Mutale's first foray into international competition and, more significantly, his first time leaving his homeland.

Mutale Chishimba in Tunisia during the 2023 Beach Games
Mutale in Tunisia during the 2023 Beach Games exhibiting his talent

(Hammamet Beach Games, 2023)
(Hammamet Beach Games, 2023)

He described the games as challenging but the team persevered to reach the quarter-finals.

"The competitions were tough, we went against some of the most experienced teams but overall we tried to compete to the best of our abilities," he said.

Mutale now looks forward to other international competitions such as competing at the African Championships and the World Cup.

"My goal in this career is to become an Olympian, even though it may not be an easy ride, but it can be achieved" Mutale said.

Speaking about his journey, Mutale advices younger athletes to remain focused and dedicated to their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

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