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Shoprite Zambia has presented a sponsorship package to the Zambia Youth Baseball5 Team as they prepare to compete in the Youth Baseball5 World Cup in Turkey next month.

Speaking earlier today, Charles Bota, the General Manager for Shoprite Zambia, expressed the company's enthusiasm for supporting the young athletes. He mentioned that the Zambia Baseball and Softball Association (ZBSA) had approached them to sponsor this remarkable team of youngsters, who are on the cusp of an incredible journey to the World Cup. Bota highlighted the importance of backing youth, particularly those still in school, with promising careers in sport ahead of them.

Chabi Chondoka, President of ZBSA, expressing gratitude for Shoprite Zambia's sponsorship during a press conference
ZBSA President Chabi Chondoka (left) shaking hands with Shoprite Zambia General Manager Charles Bota (right).

“The total sponsorship package from Shoprite amounts to 60,000 Kwacha. In addition to the financial support, Shoprite has also sponsored their team T-shirts, which proudly bear the logos of Shoprite, Baseball 5’s, and ZBSA” he said.

When asked about why Shoprite chose to support baseball, Bota emphasized their interest in promoting emerging sports. While football enjoys widespread popularity in Zambia, Shoprite recognized the potential of Baseball, which is yet to gain significant traction in Zambia. Their decision to support the sport stems from a desire to nurture the talents of the country's youth, especially those still pursuing their education.

Bota conveyed an important message to the young athletes: prioritize their education and work hard in school. Furthermore, he emphasized the unparalleled opportunity the World Cup presents to represent their country on an international stage.

In closing, Bota encouraged the team to give their all and, in the spirit of their homeland, "die a little for Mother Zambia."

On the other hand, Chabi Chondoka, President of ZBSA, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Shoprite for their pivotal role in supporting young baseball players.

He mentioned that most of the players are under 18, with many being just 16 years old, a significant achievement in itself.

“Shoprite's quick response, offering 60,000 Kwacha to cover the participation fee, was instrumental in overcoming financial hurdles,” he said

Chondoka acknowledged that there is still work to be done, including securing funds for air tickets and residential camping for the team, which comprises athletes from all corners of Zambia. The hope is to secure early travel to Turkey for acclimatization, and further sponsorship will be sought for their five-day camping needs.

Despite the challenges, Chondoka remains optimistic about the team's prospects. He noted that the tournament is scheduled for October 10th to 15th, leaving room for other entities to join in supporting the team's journey.

Chondoka concluded by expressing a collective desire to encourage and empower these young athletes who represent the future of Zambia's baseball scene.

In another exciting development, ZBSA received sponsorship from Play-Off, a sportswear company based in Italy. This sponsorship will provide the National Team with jerseys for the inaugural Youth Baseball5 World Cup.


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