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The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) has officially announced that the 4th Edition of the African Youth Games will be staged later this year (August) in Cairo (Egypt) and the 2nd Africa Beach Games will be held during the Summer of 2023 in Hammamet (Tunisia).

According to a Press Statement made available by ANOCA, ANOCA President Mustapha Berraf informed the Executive Committee members of his communication with Egyptian and

Tunisian authorities and NOCs, as well as what has already been done in preparations for these events, based on visits carried out in these countries by ANOCA delegations. He confirmed the commitment of both countries’ Governments to fully support the successful staging of these two major African sports events.

Team Zambia at the Algiers 2018 Africa Youth Games

Tunisia’s NOC President, Mehrez Boussayene, and the Secretary-General of Egypt’s NOC, Sharif Elerian for have confirmed their respective Governments’ final agreement to host these Games, and reiterated the full support of Tunisia and Egypt in favour of the African and International sports and Olympic movement.

The Under 18 Games bring together about 4500 participants while the Africa Beach Games gather around 1200 athletes. The last edition of the Beach Games was organized in

Cape Verde while the recent Africa Youth Games were successfully hosted by Algeria.

These are two exceptional competitions were attended by the 54 African NOCs including Zambia.

Zambia’s performance at the Algiers 2018 Youth Games saw the team win 4 medals in form of 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze from Athletics 400m Men's (Kennedy Luchembe), Swimming (Mia Phiri), Hockey Team, and Athletics 400m Women's (Niddy Minglishi).

Freestyle Footballer Cecil Chiila was Zambia's sole representative at the Sal 2019 Beach Games as Zambia made its maiden appearance at the African Beach Games.

Attached is the statement from ANOCA

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